Articles devoted to understanding the technology of artificial intelligence Pangeya

The evolution and revolution of neural networks

Evolutionary path of neural networks is brute force search of all options to find success, revolutionary-search based on acquired knowledge!

Immortality and Artificial Intelligence

Path to biological immortality is artificial intelligence (AI)! Only AI on the basis of all sciences can understand the human genome

Secret non secret knowledge

In the world there are secret non secret knowledge-very important information, accessible only formally - Pangeya will make it really open!

How Information Is Stored In Repositories Processed By Neural Networks

Any information in the world can be described as an object endowed with properties-that's how the artificial mind will store it.

The mind is a comparison

People never come up with anything, and it is impossible at all. You can compare the known with the unknown. Thinking is a comparison!

Dog and neural network, animal intelligence

Brain of animals and people is not a pure neural network, it has algorithms for recognizing the world around. The question is, which ones?

Why "advertising is not cool" or what will the science of the future look like?

Advertising-is search for products depending on information about consumers,same techniques will be used to find right scientific knowledge!

Science as a game

Science and business are also games, but with very large stakes and risks - but the return from them is much more than from ordinary games!

Settlement of the human species and artificial intelligence

The emergence of artificial intelligence is inevitable if people want to survive as a species and settle throughout the universe.

Automation of html-layout and scientific knowledge

Design of sites does not consist of images,but of html,as it is rulled by programming language!Description of knowledge must also be rulled

Artificial Planets and Artificial Intelligence

Creating of planets is much better than looking for the planets! Only we need artificial intelligence for this!

Who are the Soviet Scientists?

Soviet scientists in competition with scientists from the United States and with them have created our modern technological civilization.

Explore in parallel with the whole world

You can research and create technologies in parallel with whole world! Each of your actions will be reported to in research around the world

Machines are not smart enough to teach themselves

AI is not a self-learning machine, AI is a student, and we, the people, are his teachers!

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