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Learning efficiency

Our training is based on the techniques of the strongest mathematical schools of our planet, we encourage you to be not consumers, but inventors of information by solving problems with detailed tips.


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100 tasks

Beginner level


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1000 tasks

Beginner level


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5000 tasks

Higher technical education


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10000 tasks

Academic degree

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For whom is useful our training?


It will allow you to start making money at school by programming


It will give you real work skills and technologies that are in demand in the work market


It will allow you to raise your level to the latest developments in technology

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Features of self-education

Self-education at all times was very difficult - at all times, but not now!

The main problem of learning without a teacher is that when faced with a problem and not coping with it right away - 99% of people retreat and generally abandon the study of this subject area.

But now artificial intelligence will come to your aid - and in the place where you are ready to surrender - he will send you atip! Then another one tip and more tip and more! As a result, you will cope with the decision yourself! And you will not spend a lot of money on expensive teachers!

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How to learn by yourself

Choose a science or technology that interests you

Solve at least 1 problem per day

Follow your success

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Earn by education with us!

Bring your detailed study courses into our system

Tasks and answers in one course will cost $ 1 for users, but tips and detailed solutions are already more expensive.

Get profit, our site will work for you!

Register to submit your courses to the system!

We have both paid and FREE COURSES

Access to a paid course of tasks with answers for only $ 1

Detailed training with lots of tips and detailed solutions by a robot teacher is 100 times cheaper than with a tutor!


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